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The Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD) is a virtual community of diverse stakeholders at the intersection of technology and civil society to stimulate collaboration and co-creation of solutions to key challenges inside Iran.

Since 2013, ICD has brought together stakeholders from diverse sectors through our community gatherings. Our participants include but are not limited to circumvention tool developers, network measurements researchers, civil society groups, minority rights activists, funders, government policymakers, journalists, independent writers, human rights watchdogs, fact-checkers, and many others.

Starting 2020, ICD shifted to a new model run by an organizing committee consisting of community members. We also moved from an annual event model to offering more opportunities for constructive knowledge sharing and long-term relationship-building through year-long online programs, fellowship, as well as capacity building and psychosocial support programs for the mental health and well-being of our communities.

ICD operates on an invite-only model and follows the Chatham House rule at all events. Our goal is to support practical, collaborative outcomes through honest dialogue across sectors while maintaining a safe and secure space for all.


This FAQ is a living resource and will be updated regularly based on community questions and new information. If you have any questions not covered here, please reach out to team@icd.community.

The ICD offers opportunities for shared learning and collaborative activities year-round - both virtually and in-person - to support and sustain long-term relationships and positive change. We also host an annual gathering that facilitates community capacity building, action-oriented collaboration, and networking.

ICD is run by an Organizing Committee consisting of ASL19 and three civil society organizations in consultation with other stakeholders within the Iranian digital and human rights space.

Yes we do. All ICD virtual and in-person activities are guided by a Code of Conduct. To ensure safe and inclusive spaces, our community is required to abide by our Code of Conduct, and as well, to follow Chatham House Rules.

Due to the sensitive nature of work, ICD is a private and invite-only community. However, we encourage those interested in our work to follow blog posts on this website or apply to join our community mailing list. If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about ICD, you can also send an email to team@icd.community.

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The Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD) is a global community of key stakeholders advancing civil society goals and digital human rights in Iran.

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